If you have fitness goals for 2023, read this.


You’re going to start exactly where you’re at.

Haven’t been to the gym in a few months… maybe a year? That’s okay and do not be hard on yourself any longer.

You now have the perfect foundation to build your fitness journey on.

There is so much magic in new beginnings and 2021 will be yours.

Now let’s address your goals.

Because without goals, there is no plan, without a plan there is inconsistent action, and without action, you’re back at square 1.

Do you want to lose weight?

Are you unhappy with how you look?

Most people enter the new year with this mindset and desire to lose weight. They are unhappy and hate their body, therefore decide to take the plunge in the new year to create new habits and start their fitness journey or “get back on track”.

The issue here is that you are coming from a place of hate and self-judgment. And, honey, you never fell off track. That is called life! And life is going to keep on happening (thankfully).

This year your goal isn’t going to be to reach X amount of lbs or “lose a bunch of weight” BUT,

“to feel healthier and lighter on my feet because I LOVE myself” or

“ do X amount of pushups and burpees because I am strong enough”.

Your mind is so powerful and what you THINK will produce the outcome.

When you create your fitness goals from a place of love rather than a place of hate, THEN you will be successful.

Because every day you will be satisfied with the work you are putting in instead of constantly dragging yourself down because you’re not losing weight, building muscle fast enough, or looking a certain way.

If you want to change how you look, that’s great! Change is good. But remember to love yourself at the beginning and the end. Love yourself through the whole process and don’t think you’re going to be “so much happier” once you change how you look. Be happy and in love with yourself now. You are beautiful and incredible just as you are. Your body does so much for you. But, as I mentioned earlier, change is good, so if you’re ready to make a change to your lifestyle for the better then you got this!

2021 is the year you create a healthier mindset, a healthier lifestyle, and healthier habits.

Working out, eating healthy nutritious foods that will give you so much beautiful energy, and giving yourself some love every day WILL get you to your goals.

Sounds simple, but it does take quite a bit of discipline and accountability to develop and maintain these habits. However, it is 100% possible and I believe that you can do it!

Trust the process.

Commit to the process.

Fall in love with the process.

Workout because you love your body, not hate it.

Eat your veggies & fruits because you want to feel good, not because you’re on a diet.

Most importantly, believe in yourself because you are capable of everything and your mind is so powerful.

Cheers to a New Year and BETTER you!

Much love,

Teresa Hodges

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